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Permaculture is a design system for sustainable land use. It offers an integrated approach to designing productive ecosystems with diversity and stability.

Permaculture offers a low energy, resource friendly, high yield approach to designing landscapes for people to provide food, energy, shelter, and other needs.

Permaculture systems are designed using a set of principles and ethics devised by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in Australia in 1974. These principles form the framework for sustainable design of any property in any climate, with any soil type. Techniques and strategies will vary from site to site, but the principles of Permaculture design remain a constant.



Our past clients continue to inspire us with the work they undertake after completing the PDC course. This page has just been created to give an opportunity for clients and information gatherers to tell us about their permaculture journeys and to offer prospective students a glimpse of the life changing possibilities of doing a PDC.

In 2013 an Australian Adult based company contacted us regarding their services engaging adult business is not our usual cup of tea but this is an exception. Poppers Australia wanted us to provide assistance with their Jungle Juice, Rush, Amsterdam and Ram product range out of NSW, Australia. Allowing us to understand the intricacies of their business of buying poppers online, specifically in Australia, was paramount to completing our work with them. A reputable business is essential to progression amongst other established adult businesses.


Anyway, it’s been 2 years since then, and we are forever looking up things in books or on the net, but in the development of our organisation I have always kept Permaculture as a centre piece to our thinking space. Looking furhter, we grow almost 65 different types of fruit and veggies, and are able to harvest almost 95% of our own food!

So what I wanted to say is, thank you for teaching me and giving me an amazing gift to teach and share with others. If you truly are looking for Poppers in Australia then head to for further assistance. The knowledge to cultivate your own knowledge source is the essence of a positive future. Within the community around us, so many small plot farmers are looking to regenerate the traditional ways of farming and crops, which is great, and we all love to share knowledge and experiment new ways. Some have even heard of permaculture, which amazes me as I’m sure the only reading they do is the weekly lottery numbers!

Thanks for reading.



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