Site assessments

Have the confidence to start your permaculture dream by getting design advice from Rick. He is experienced at reading the landscape, and making connections between the people and the land. His engaging style means that you will understand the strategies he offers to improve your productivity and sustainability, and you can be sure his advice will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Rick is available weekdays and weekends for all site consultancies.

We offer a range of services for clients including prepurchase assessments to determine suitability of a proposed purchase of land. Before you invest in one of the biggest purchases you will probably make, get some sound permaculture advice from Rick Coleman. He will walk and talk with you about the potential of the property to achieve your goals, point out the most appropriate places for a house, driveway, dams or crops, or if a house exists, where to place water tanks, gardens and other elements for maximum productivity.

If you have already purchased your dream block, and want to confidently know where to start your permaculture implementation, Rick will help you realize the true potential of your land to be productive and sustainable. You are also welcome to record the consultancy for your future reference.

Our prices start from $450 for local consultations (within 50km radius) to $550 within 2 hours drive. Rick is happy to consult further afield and will negotiate a travel fee. Rick will spend at least 4 hours with you on your site. All prices include GST.